Ah, It's a shame you don't like new Game Grumps. I mean I totally see where you're coming from, I love your music, and I respect your opinion. On that note, Did you enjoy the new sequelitis?

I enjoyed it, yeah. He raised some really good points. He also showed once again that he also has some pretty silly opinions though. Arin’s perfect game would clearly be one where you can run straight to the final boss and defeat him within 5 minutes, because god forbid that any actual sense of pacing blocks his path. (And his stubborn “text in a tutorial is inherently bad” philosophy that’s based on a minimalistic 2D game with 4 actions across 6 buttons but he somehow still applies to 3D games with many complex actions across 12 buttons and two analog sticks is pretty silly, but he didn’t mention it in the new one, so I guess I digress)

But overall, yeah, it was enjoyable and a lot of it was on the mark.

Now that I heard from you I totally understand. In fact I'm glad that someone else agrees that it's annoying how passive Dan is with him. It's almost like he's afraid to disagree with him even if he feels differently and I don't like it. Again, I apologize for the misplaced anger. I shouldn't have taken my disappointment on Grumps out on you, because like I said I really loved your remixes and I think I'm just desperately trying to validate my enjoyment of a show I once loved. Once.


Don’t worry about it, it’s cool. (I’m actually a little disappointed that you turned out to be cool. There’s something about irate anon-hate that I just kinda enjoy and find funny).

You can still enjoy the show. Even if it has slipped in quality, if you watch it and enjoy it you really don’t need to ‘validate’ it. Watch what you enjoy, don’t feel the need to justify it. Don’t let curmudgeons like me step in and ruin your enjoyment. I know maybe it’s implied that when I say “this thing is crap” that I mean “don’t enjoy this thing”, because a lot of people do mean it like that, but in my case that couldn’t be further than the truth. If something makes people happy, who am I to tell people to stop enjoying it?

Sorry for coming off so angrily, it appears I was misinformed. A lot of their merch isn't that great I'll admit, and I still miss Jon's humor, but I'm really confused about your outlook on the matter. Do you resent Arin for how he handles his business?


To be honest, it’s sorta 50/50. For one, Arin’s comedy has slipped so much. He phones it in to an insane degree. Some people like that stuff, but it really doesn’t do it for me. I don’t know if maybe he just had better material to bounce off of with Jon (they disagreed a lot, allowing for funny arguments and whatnot, whereas Arin and Danny seem to just agree on most things). But catchphrases, beatboxing, and shouting about dicks seem to be his main style now, and if he does come up with a funny joke you can bet he’ll repeat it over and over again until it’s been dragged into the ground. Again, some people like that, and that’s cool. 

But also, by coincidence, I’ve ended up hearing various bits and pieces about Arin over time from various different people who know him, and overall he’s really been painted to me in a pretty bad light. Y’know how Hotdiggetydemon acts like an arrogant asshole in public but is apparently a decent guy in real life? Apparently Arin’s the opposite. It’s evident that he sees GG 100% as a business now, which would be okay if he actually put in some effort. But I don’t base my opinion of a show on idle behind-the-scenes gossip, so if anything that only reinforces my opinion, albeit in a way that can’t really be publicly justified.

Did you know that some say if you rig one of those Game Grump keychains to be pressed by one of those bird bobby things (the ones with tophats) and leave it for a billion years, it'll only have said "GET OUTTA HERE" half as many times as it has been yelled out on the actual show?


Do you not like Danny and Ross?


Danny and Ross are cool. I’d probably watch Steam Train if it wasn’t for the fact that Arin actually shows up in more episodes than Danny does.

What the fuck is your damage? I used to like your remixes and your opinions but now all you do is whine about post-Jon grumps and rant about stuff. Did I miss something, or?


"All I do"? I haven’t posted anything GG-related in like a year. I didn’t realise that posting a single (untagged) negative opinion about a thing I don’t like was worthy of a "what the fuck is your damage". I didn’t realise that the fan defensiveness had finally reached the same level as Pewdiepie fans.

(Okay, actually I totally did, and that just made me want to post it more just to see how many “OH MY GOD HOW DARE YOU SAY A BAD THING” posts I’d get because I find that funny for some reason. I mean, besides that and the fact that more people seem to agree with me here than not).

Besides, did I even say that was a bad thing? GG has long since slipped into leaning far too hard on catchphrase comedy, pointing that out isn’t exactly hard. That and repetitive beatboxing. Though I guess I have to commend them on their almost-decent side-project of making music that sounds pretty good, and then shouting about dicks over it.

Seriously though, it’s cool if you like them. I’m cool with people liking them - I’m not actually ‘bitter’, you don’t have to be bitter to express a negative opinion. Like them all you want, but understand that some people don’t.

Oh, looks like they sell a keychain now that repeats repetitive unfunny catchphrases whenever you press the button.
So I guess that makes watching Game Grumps 100% redundant.then.

Oh, looks like they sell a keychain now that repeats repetitive unfunny catchphrases whenever you press the button.

So I guess that makes watching Game Grumps 100% redundant.then.

are you planning on making any more seinfeld remixes because that was the best thing i've ever heard

Probably. I hadn’t watched it in about a decade, so I’m in the middle of re-watching every episode over a few months. I’m listening out for anything that could go in a remix, so I guess there’s probably gonna be more to come.

people with german names and polish names would still be more likely to be hired or acknowledged. because they are still white. its not a matter of what names are hardest to say or pronounce, its the connotation that comes along with having a typical black last or first name.


…are you the same anon or a new one? Because I think you’re sorta missing the point here.

We’re not talking about about names that that are ‘typically black’. The original poster was not talking about that, as I just said. When you say “its not a matter of what names are hardest to say or pronounce” - it is a matter of that, because that is what the original poster said, and that is what we’re talking about. A whole different thing. The original post said “not having to spell your name” - it is literally just talking about spelling. Not about whether your name sounds like ‘typical’ black or white, not about whether you’re more likely to be hired, but just about names being hard to spell. A lot of white people have to spell out their names too, thus the only thing the other posters were saying is that it is not an inherently white privilege to not have to spell your name. Thus people with German or Polish names invalidate this claim. (Also there’s a large discrimination against Polish people over here in the UK, so you could argue that Polish names effect hiring over here, too)

Are we good? Are we clear now? I mean, I basically just repeated my last answer but with more bold words. I don’t want to come across as being short with you, but I’m confused as to why you keep coming back and hammering that point that nobody was even disputing. I’ve essentially said “that’s a true point, but it’s irrelevant to this conversation”, I’d figured that would’ve been the end of it.

(the end of the conversation, that is, not the end of the problem. Unlike some parts of tumblr, I’m not under the delusion that you can end oppression with a text post)

Master of the House - Seinfeld Remix
JerryTerry / George Costanza / Jerry Seinfeld / Conrad Kramer

Is a remix of the ‘show about nothing’ therefore a ‘remix about nothing’?

(Just a rough stupid thing made in an hour to wind down from a long day of work)

you're avoiding the fact i made in order to criticize the OP's blog.


I’m not avoiding it, I’m saying that it’s a whole different thing - an actually legitimate one, at that - and that the OP’s post didn’t seem to be about that at all. The OP’s post conveyed “black people have complicated hard-to-spell ‘black-person’ names while all white people have easy white-person names”, ignoring literally every other predominantly-white foreign culture such as German or Polish.

Your point was “sometimes black people feel the need to change their name to something more ‘white-sounding’ to avoid institutionalised racism”, a whole different (and far more accurate) subject.

(Though I don’t know why you’re calling me out for ‘avoiding’ it, or what you hoped to get from me regarding it? Was it something you wanted me to address?)

the fact that post was trying to make is that many black people and other poc have to change their last name to a 'whiter' last name in order to get a job. white people don't have to do that. tumblr is stupid


I think you give tumblr user kittensaysfuckyou far too much credit.

Actually I think (read: Sincerely hope) that it’s a parody/troll blog. But either way, it sure is a thrillride.



White privilege is never having to spell your last name.

you… you’ve never met a polish person have you

I’d like to think that somewhere at this very moment, Will Smith gives a weary sigh as he once again has to say to a hotel concierge “that’s S, M, I…”





Source. This is a real thing. It’s happening.

HIV Has Been Cured in a Child for the First Time

HIV Cure: New Drug ‘Vacc-4x’ May Become First Functional Cure Against the Virus

The Man Who Had HIV and Now Does Not

This is HUGE news, and of course no one is talking about it because it is not a part of popular culture. For the first time in the history of the world, there is a possible preventative cure for one of the most deadliest viral diseases to have entered the human gene pool. There is hope for those who have been diagnosed with a disease that may have given them only 20 or so years to live. This breakthrough in the science/pharmaceutical community means that other viral diseases and genetic mutations that were once incurable are now on the table for complete eradication. I’m absolutely seething that no one is talking about this on the news 24/7.

and while this is hella important, herpes is getting complex to the point there is no cure or no way to work with it.

I really need both of these to go viral.


It’s important to note that the cured baby’s HIV has recently returned. Her HIV wasn’t cured, it just went into remission temporarily. Perhaps the reason that it wasn’t bigger news is because they didn’t want it to seem like they had a reliable, working cure for HIV (which they don’t) - And because even if it did work, it would be useless for the large percentage of those 35.3 million people who aren’t newborn babies, because it only worked when administered from birth.

It’s totally an awesome breakthrough worth celebrating, but there may still be quite a while before we see a real cure. It’s like how nobody’s throwing a party just because it was recently proposed that chip stacks made out of carbon nanotubes could make way for pocket-sized supercomputers. But the second an actual, working pocket-supercomputer hits development, you can bet it’ll be the talk of the goddamn world. The second that we can confidently say “HIV is cured”, I don’t think we’ll be saying much else for a while.

(Source: imnotjailbait)


Much congratulation to the ladyprince, who hath expelled from her vaginal cavities a wee babbyhuman in possession of a wee babywang.

This wee babbydong is the source of much pride yet much disappointment and anger. In many years the parents will say “wee babbychild, once upon a time there was a period during which your genitals were the biggest news story across the globe, and the presence of your teenytiny picklestick waged small wars across the internet”.

And the wee babbychild, now a full-grown man, will look down at his full-grown genitals and smile wryly. For his genitals were once the most influential genitals in all the world.